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Since 2020, Operating in Riyadh

Since its inception, FCC has managed to gain the trust of its customers and shareholders by providing integrated solutions, setting quality standers, and managing a large network of sourcing agencies, FCC is been selected by top corporations in KSA for their vital projects, thus , proved to be their HR Business partner of choice for the selected workforce.

" We get the job done by getting the right people for the right job"

FCC Team

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Our Mission

Our mission is to become the number one manpower services provider in Saudi Arabia. Facilitating the task of the client is at the core of our mission

Our Core Values

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Integrity and honesty at work. The present team is characterized by collaboration and hard work. Self-esteem, justice, and order.

Our Vision

FCC's vision is to be the best manpower service provider in Saudi Arabia that understands and fulfills the needs of the consumer.


Affordable & Flexible

We provide multiple payment options to suit all of our customers, according to our understanding of the different nature of the customers and their financial ability. We always design our contracts according to the real needs of so as not to burden them with any financial burdens they dont need.


More Knowledge than the other

In order to ensure that you stand out among your competitors, you must have the complete knowledge. Therefore, we always expand the horizons of our knowledge of the market by processing the available data, reviewing the laws and their updates, and studying the areas of strength and weakness of our competitors to be constantly prepared to face the fluctuations of the market, which makes us more ready to deal with new customers and close new deals.


Belive in Quality & Time

According to our understanding of the importance of time, we always make sure to put time as our top priority. We always work to reduce any percentage of lost time while carrying out our duty so that we can provide the requirements of our customers in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the quality is added value. The quality are the teams who work on projects. The quality are colleagues’ suggestions regarding what we can do better both in project development and for the company itself. That is why we always care about after selling service by providing all of our resources to grantine the satisfaction of our clients.

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Choose an Experienced bussines partner

15+ years is the sum of our team experience, choosing an experienced team will help your organization grow quickly, and every progress will be built on solid ground that ensures continued success.

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